• Wash Winter Away!

Salt and de-icing brine may be great for keeping drivers safe on the roads but it’s BRUTAL on your vehicle.

Salt-Away is a car wash detergent presoak that safely removes salt build-up from the vehicle surface and undercarriage to help prevent rust from forming on your vehicle.


True or False: Going through a car wash is the best way to remove salt from your vehicle.

FALSE – Brine holds salt residue to the undercarriage of your vehicle, even through a powerful car wash. It’s not just the body panels of your car at risk, but fuel and brake lines are rusting out like never seen before.

YOUR BEST ANTI-RUST ACTION PLAN:  Wash your car ONCE A WEEK with Salt-Away to break down salt buildup and have your vehicle treated with Oil Gard Anti-Rust Formula 2 No-Drip annually.

Salt-Away is Exclusively Available at Auto Spa London’s 3 Locations



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