Washing your vehicle at home is a labour of love, but it’s not the best choice for the environment.

Did you know that washing your car in your own driveway can use between 80 and 140 gallons of water? This water, which is untreated and full of cleaning chemicals and other residues, then runs down your driveway and into storm drains. In London, these storm drains flow into neighbourhood ponds and creeks which then deliver water to larger tributaries like the Thames River and Fanshawe Lake.

When these chemicals reach waterways they can create dead zones, which are as nasty as they sound: water plants don’t grow there, fish can’t live there, and even ducks avoid swimming in these polluted patches. Washing your car in your driveway is one of the worst-offending chores around your home, from an environmental perspective.


The good news is… less than 45 gallons of water is used per vehicle at the average commercial car wash – about the same amount of water used in a large load of laundry!

High-pressure wands and computer-controlled units ensure just the right amount of water is used to get your car clean. Additionally, there are government mandates controlling the disposal of water from a registered car wash which requires owners to recycle/reclaim the water, or have it enter the sewer system where it will be treated before it returns to the water supply.


For additional peace of mind, Auto Spa is committed to using products that are gentle on the environment and on your vehicle! Transchem’s AutoLux™ products are locally manufactured, industry-leading concentrates. All AutoLux™ and Transchem products are formulated with environmentally-responsible ingredients. As a result of constant research and development, Transchem has created a sustainable product line of highly concentrated washing liquids which require less packaging and are more efficient to transport.

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KEEP YOUR CAR with the help of Auto Spa and Oil Gard Anti-Rust

One of the most important factors in protecting the appearance and resale of your car is a weekly washing. But you can be money-smart and water-wise by visiting your local Auto Spa!


And to ensure your vehicle stays free of rust, an annual application of Oil Gard Formula 2 No-Drip or Ultra Gard Permanent Rust Protection will ensure your car or truck looks good for the long road!


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