Self-Serve Wash

$4.00 to Start / 4 Minutes

Auto Spa self serve wash selector 4 dollars for 4 minutes

Using money, or value-added Auto Spa tokens, you can wash your car
by mixing your personalized choices from a wide menu of services:

  • Pre-soak | Triple Foam | Wax | Spot-Free Rinse
  • High-quality Autolux® carwash concentrates
  • High-pressure warm water & MORE!

Each Auto Spa location features multiple wash bays offering coin- and token-operated systems that will
give your car or truck a quick clean, a full spa treatment, or something in between – it’s up to you.

Get Your Wash – Your Way!


Interior Cleaning


  • Powerful Vacuums
  • Carpet Shampoo Machines
  • Fragrance Machines
  • Air Freshener Vending Machines
  • Armor All & Cleaning Wipes


Special Services

The following services are offered exclusively at the locations indicated:


KEEP YOUR CAR with the help of Auto Spa and Oil Gard Anti-Rust

One of the most important factors in protecting the appearance and resale of your car is a weekly washing. But you can be money-smart and water-wise by visiting your local Auto Spa!


And to ensure your vehicle stays free of rust, an annual application of Oil Gard Formula 2 No-Drip or Ultra Gard Permanent Rust Protection will ensure your car or truck looks good for the long road!

Ask about your free car wash from Oil Gard!